Attention, Guardians! Join the Blog Tour for The Black Veins by Ashia Monet [Sign-Ups!]

Text reads: Dead Magic Book 1: THE BLACK VEINS. The Guardians Blog Tour July 12 - 17

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally share this post with you all. 😍

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I finally get to invite you all to be part of the blog tour for The Black Veins by Ashia Monet, an YA urban fantasy that is going to change urban YA fantasy game as we know it and a book that I love with my whole heart.

I had the privilege of reading an early copy of The Black Veins. Know that when I say this, I mean it wholeheartedly and with no lies: The Black Veins is such an incredible book, and a story that I enjoyed and loved from its very first word to its very last. I was enthralled the whole time. The Black Veins is an accomplishment and an inspired debut; I’m absolutely in love with it.

If you love:

  • urban fantasy
  • a story about queer teenagers of colour
  • with power great enough to destroy the world as they know it (but are still teens at heart)
  • found family
  • no romantic arc

Then read on, because you’ll love The Black Veins and you’ll definitely want to be a part of this blog tour.

About The Black Veins

Sixteen-year-old Blythe is one of seven Guardians: magicians powerful enough to cause worldwide panic with a snap of their fingers. But Blythe spends her days pouring latte art at her family’s coffee shop, so why should she care about having apocalyptic abilities?

She’s given a reason when magician anarchists crash into said coffee shop and kidnap her family.

Heartbroken but determined, Blythe knows she can’t save them alone. A war is brewing between two magician governments and tensions are too high. So, she packs up her family’s bright yellow Volkswagen, puts on a playlist, and embarks on a road trip across the United States to enlist the help of six strangers whose abilities are unparalleled—the other Guardians.

Release date: July 17th 2019

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About the Author

Photo of Ashia, smiling into the camera.

Ashia Monet is a speculative fiction author whose work almost always includes found families, diverse ensemble casts, the power of friendship, and equal parts humor and drama. Some of her favorite things are The Adventure Zone, Ariana Grande, and the color pink. You can follow her on Twitter @ashiamonet and Instagram @ashiawrites.

About The Blog Tour

Does The Black Veins sound rad or what? If you think it sounds awesome (and you would be right!), then Ashia and I would love to have you as part of The Black Veins blog tour.

The blog tour will run from 12th of July 2019 to the 17th of July 2019, including weekends. An electronic copy of The Black Veins will be provided to you, so it is vital that you have a means of reading the book electronically if you want to participate in the blog tour. We welcome participants to review The Black Veins, conduct an author interview with Ashia Monet themself, and/or whip up something fun and creative to promote The Black Veins and celebrate its release!

Have any questions? Send them my way via email at

Sign ups!

Sign-ups for the blog tour are now open, and will close on the 20th of April.

tbv signup copy

(Click here to sign up if the image above doesn’t work!)

9 thoughts on “Attention, Guardians! Join the Blog Tour for The Black Veins by Ashia Monet [Sign-Ups!]

  1. i’ve been following ashia on twitter for a while after seeing one of her tweets on my tl and ever since i’ve been really excited for this book! im so excited to see the book tour and to read the book!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Ashia Just heard about the bookreally excited for you can’t wait till 71719 I completed my pre order and have a special cup of Cafe just for the occasion…….


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