The Pond News Issue #8 – Amazing Releases, Big Book Announcements & New TV Shows!

Text: The Pond Book News. Issue eight. Amazing releases, big book announcements, and new tv shows. Image: A dragonfly wearing a purple hat, behind a stand.

Welcome to Issue #8!

stella 6Hello! This week has been amazing for the book world! I really have loved collecting it all for this week and I am so happy to tell you about all the amazing books coming out this week!  I went to visit The Forest of Dandelion trees for a picnic with my friend,  Martha. She’s a Ladybird and has such pretty wings. We ate leafy greens and elderflower water, it was delicious! I loved talking to her about all the things we’ve seen and then I had the relisation that I’ve heard so many things and last week when I met Titus the Wise he told me so many things, including this weeks news! It was so amazing and I have been trying so hard to keep it in all week! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

❤ Stella

Book Releases! [July 15th – July 22nd]

The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

The new exhilarating romance from The New York Times bestselling author of The Proposal!

Maddie and Theo have two things in common:

1. Alexa is their best friend
2. They hate each other

After an “oops, we made a mistake” night together, neither one can stop thinking about the other. With Alexa’s wedding rapidly approaching, Maddie and Theo both share bridal party responsibilities that require more interaction with each other than they’re comfortable with. Underneath the sharp barbs they toss at each other is a simmering attraction that won’t fade. It builds until they find themselves sneaking off together to release some tension when Alexa isn’t looking, agreeing they would end it once the wedding is over. When it’s suddenly pushed up and they only have a few months left of secret rendezvouses, they find themselves regretting that the end is near. Two people this different can’t possibly have a connection other than the purely physical, right?

But as with any engagement with a nemesis, there are unspoken rules that must be abided by. First and foremost, don’t fall in love.

This sounds so good! I really enjoy reading love-to-hate romance. It’s so good! I really have to read the first two books because they all sound so good and I heard so many great things about them!

This book releases on the 16th of July 2019. Add this book on Goodreads.

The Black Veins by Aisha Monet

In a world where magic thrives in secret city corners, a group of magicians embark on a road trip—and it’s the “no-love-interest”, found family adventure you’ve been searching for.

Sixteen-year-old Blythe is one of seven Guardians: magicians powerful enough to cause worldwide panic with a snap of their fingers. But Blythe spends her days pouring latte art at her family’s coffee shop, so why should she care about having apocalyptic abilities?

She’s given a reason when magician anarchists crash into said coffee shop and kidnap her family.

Heartbroken but determined, Blythe knows she can’t save them alone. A war is brewing between two magician governments and tensions are too high. So, she packs up her family’s bright yellow Volkswagen, puts on a playlist, and embarks on a road trip across the United States to enlist the help of six strangers whose abilities are unparalleled—the other Guardians.

Wow! I need this book NOW! It sounds so good and amazing. and I love that someone with superpowers is living a mundane life. it gives me the feeling as I get when I watch any Marvel movie. It’s so good and I can’t wait to read The Black Veins it’s definitely one of my highest anticipated read of the year! I really can’t wait to pick up a copy!

This book releases on the 17th of July 2019. Add this book on Goodreads.

The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C. Yee & Michael Dante DiMartino

F. C. Yee’s The Rise of Kyoshi delves into the story of Kyoshi, the Earth Kingdom–born Avatar. The longest-living Avatar in this beloved world’s history, Kyoshi established the brave and respected Kyoshi Warriors, but also founded the secretive Dai Li, which led to the corruption, decline, and fall of her own nation. The first of two novels based on Kyoshi, The Rise of Kyoshi maps her journey from a girl of humble origins to the merciless pursuer of justice who is still feared and admired centuries after she became the Avatar.

This sounds so amazing! I am in love with this cover it’s so beautiful! I love the sound of the excitement and politics within this book. It sounds really amazing and I can’t wait to read it when I can!

This book releases on the 16th of July 2019. Add this book on Goodreads.

Please Send Help by Gaby Dunn & Allison Raskin

In this hilarious follow-up novel to the New York Times bestseller I Hate Everyone But You, long distance best friends Ava and Gen have finally made it to the same time zone (although they’re still over a thousand miles apart).

Through their hilarious, sometimes emotional, but always relatable conversations, Ava and Gen are each other’s support systems through internships, relationship troubles, questionable roommates, undercover reporting, and whether or not it’s a good idea to take in a feral cat. Please Send Help perfectly captures the voice of young adults looking to find their place in the world and how no matter how desperate things seem, you always have your best friend to tell it like it is and pick you back up.

This sounds so fun and emotional. I can’t wait to get into this story! but unfortunately, I still need to read their first book in order to this one! it sounds really good and meaningful so I can’t wait to pick up their books soon!

This book releases on the 16th of July 2019. Add this book on Goodreads.

Book News!

Cover Reveal: The Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty

This is such a great reveal! It’s just so pretty and I really am so excited for everyone who has read this series! I still need to catch up but it sounds so, so good!

Cover Reveal: Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

AHHHHHHH- I am so excited for Lovebpat Taipei!! It’s going to be such a great read and LOOK at this cover- Isn’t it just gorgeous!? I am so, so excited to read this I can’t wait to grab a copy when it’s out!

Book Announcement: That Way Madness Lies by Lily Anderson, Brittany Cavallaro, Patrice Caldwell, Amy Rose Capetta, Austin Chant, Cori McCarthy, Joy McCullough, Anna-Marie McLemore, Tochi Onyebuchi, Emily X. R. Pan, Austin Seigemund-Broka, Lindsay Smith, Kiersten White, Emily Wibberly, Ibi Ziboi and more

Shakespeare has some really good stories. One of my favourites if his, is Midsummer Night’s Dream. So, to see retellings of his great stories is so fun and I really, really can’t wait until this book is out in the world so I can buy it and read the life out of it!

Cover Reveal: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera

Oh, my gosh! I am such a big fan of Adam Silvera’s work! I love that he’s changing things up with fantasy (my favourite genre in the entire world) it’s just so exciting! I love fantasy and I love Adam’s contemporary books! Just thinking about how cutting his fantasy stuff is going to be. It’s going to be so painful but SO GOOD!!!

Book Announcement: Exciting YA anthology by Brandy Colbert, Kathleen Glasgow, Maurene Goo, Tiffany D. Jackson, Amanda Joy, Nina LaCour, Karen M. McManus, Anna Meriano, Marieke Nijkamo, Kayla Whaley, Julian Winters and Francesca Zappia

This sounds so amazing! I love that it focuses on the beauty of difference and it’s so adorable and I really, really can’t wait to read this when it’s out!

Audio Book Announcement: Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez

I really want to read this book so much! I love the sound of it and I am so happy for the author as audiobooks are so great to listen to when I don’t have the time to read. I really can’t wait to listen to this!

Sequel Announcement: In The Key of Us by Mariama Lockington

AHHHHH! This sounds so amazing and so adorable! I can’t wait to read the first and second books! It sounds SO GOOD and everyone should pick it up so we can all share the adorableness!

Cover Reveal & Excerpt: The Sound of Stars by Alechia Dow

I love the sound of this and I am so excited for the author! I can’t wait to read it when it comes out! I can’t find other words for excitement but I am just so excited!

Book Announcement: Laxmi’s Mooch by Shelly Anand & Nabi H. Ali

Ahhh! This is so sweet and amazing! I love the sound of this and I can’t wait to read it when it releases! I love the sound of and the message of empowerment it sends to its readers! SO CUTE!

Book Series Announcement:  Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

This sounds so sweet and I really love the sound of it! The story of how the author got the deal is so cool and I love that people are getting amazing opportunities because of social media is so great! I really can’t wait to pick this amazing fantasy series ahhh!

Adaptation for TV Announcement: Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Oh, my gosh! I really am so excited to watch this and it just means I have to read the beautiful book that is Heartsopper!!! I can’t wait to read them as many of my friends have said they’re so so good!

Book Announcement: Darling by K. Ancrum

This sounds amazing! I love that someone is changing up a classic and it’s so amazing! I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy when it releases! I can’t wait!

Book Announcement: We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen

THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD! I need this book in my hands right now! It’s so good! I can’t wait to read this so much!

Graphic Novel Announcement: Isla to Island by Alexis Castellano

I love stories set in the past. I really love the sound of this and I am so excited to read it when it comes out! there are just so many books it’s hard to keep track but I know I definite;y want to read this book!

Official Comic-Con Poster Reveal: Grishaverse art by Kevin Wada

I wanted to share this as it’s just so beautiful! I really love the detail the artist put into it and I am so jealous of everyone who can get a poster of this because I could, I would make this the wallpaper in my room. It’s so beautiful!

Book Announcement & Cover Reveal: Maya and the Rising Dark by Rena Barron

Percy Jackson AND Stranger Things??? My two favourite things in the world and someone decided to put them both together and then act so casual about it? I would be screaming from the rooftops!  I really can’t wait to pick this up! and show it off to everyone I know since the cover is so darn beautiful!

TV Adaptation ANnouncement: Paper Girls by

I screeched when I read this. I am so excited to watch it when it comes out! It’s one of my favourite graphic novels and I really can’t wait to see what they do with it!

Book Community Spotlight (Brought to You by CW)

Book Blogger: May from Forever and Everly

May’s blog, Forever and Everly, is such a wonderful blog that will always brighten up your day. May’s bubbly and lovely writing voice always shines through across her posts, and she delivers such amazing and relatable content. (I mean, have you read her 4 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty For or Beat Yourself Up Over as a Book Blogger post? I read it and felt… validated.) She is also currently hosting the 2019 Book Blogger Awards, an incredible undertaking and she’s done an incredible job so far. Seriously, if you aren’t following her, be sure to rectify that immediately. Follow her blog, Forever and Everly, or follow her on Twitter, Goodreads, and Instagram.

Bookstagrammer: Vanshika (vanshikasbooks)

I absolutely love seeing Vanshika’s photos on my feed! Van puts so much thought into her photos (as well as the captions in her photos!), and you can tell that she’s put so much effort and time into making her photos look good as well. I especially love seeing her sunny face on my feed, but her bookstagram photos look wonderful as well. Follow her bookstagram here, and follow her blog and Twitter as well.

Booktuber: Kav (xreadingsolacex)

Kav is such a wonderful and important voice in the book blogging community, and seeing their face and their videos always makes my day a little lighter and brighter. Kav puts an incredible amount of hard work and thought in their videos, and I always appreciate and value what they have to say. I absolutely love this video in particular, which was their ‘A Love Letter to Queer Literature‘; the video is so powerful. Follow them on Youtube here, and also follow their Twitter.

6 thoughts on “The Pond News Issue #8 – Amazing Releases, Big Book Announcements & New TV Shows!

  1. I always love love love these news, thank you so much for taking the time to put all of these together ❤ I hope you'll get to read The Black Veins soon, I LOVED this book so much. and ahh, I adore the cover for Loveboat, Taipei so much, I can't wait to read that one 🙂


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