Pondathon II: There’s a (Friendly) Rip in Space-Time! Time-Magic & Rewinding to Past Quest and Rewards

Pondathon II is a year-long gardening-themed readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond! Help us restore the forest by reading to earn plants and decorate your own garden. For more information about Pondathon, read our Readathon Information Post or check out our Pondathon II Portal.

The story:

“Friend! Friend, come quick!”

Xiaolong’s voice echoes from across the Pond. Mid-tilling, you share a glance with Cuddle, who nods. You tell her that you’ll be back, and take off running towards Xiaolong’s voice.

Before you can see Xiaolong, there, in the clearing of the Pond looks like what seems to be a portal in the air. The portal swirls with light, and what lies beyond is too bright for you to make out. You wonder what it is – where does the portal lead to?

As you approach, you can see Varian and Xiaolong, shoulder-to-shoulder casting a spell in tandem. Xiaolong closes her eyes, concentrating, as she funnels her magic into Varian’s fingertips. Tentatively, they reach out for the portal, which pulses with bright light when Varian’s finger makes contact with it.

“Ah!” Varian says, a smile growing on their face. “It’s just a simple rip in space-time. Nothing to be worried about; it seems like the product of some powerful time-magic. A harmless spell, a manifestation of someone’s longing to go back in time for a short while.”

“I can sense that the rip in time-space is friendly,” weighs in Xiaolong. Waving the spell away, she turns to you. “So, friend, is there anything you want from the past?”

A time-magic spell has be cast!

A manifestation of someone’s longing to go back in time, eh? Well, let’s not waste the opportunity! Xiaolong says the rip in space-time – or the time-magic spell – is friendly, so let’s have a look at what we can find beyond. However, magic is give and take, equivalent exchange. So, give this time-spell the magic it needs so it can give back to you.

The spell expires on: 12th March 2022, 8:00PM NZT. [?]


To complete successfully cast this spell and receive rewards of old, complete the following objective(s):

  • Read a diverse book that is either a fantasy, has magic or time travel.
  • This quest is repeatable. (Repeating this quest is optional.)
  • Those who complete the quest may choose their quest reward. However, colours of the reward are random.
  • Bonus: There are no bonus achievements for this quest.
  • Secret Achievement: There are no secret achievements for this quest.

Available Quest Rewards:

pondathon 2 rewards for time-warp quest, february 27 to march 12.

1. Lavender (4 designs, 2 colours available)
2. Planters (4 designs, 4 colours available)
3. Bluebells (4 designs, 5 colours available)
4. Park bench (1 designs, 4 colours available)
5. Shrub (hedge; 3 designs, 3 colours available)

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One thought on “Pondathon II: There’s a (Friendly) Rip in Space-Time! Time-Magic & Rewinding to Past Quest and Rewards

  1. This is great! However, I’m curious if can we count books for Cuddle’s quest for this one as well? Or should be treated like another side quest, counting one book for two quests rather than three.


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