Pondathon II: It’s Another Rip in Space-Time! Mysterious Time-Magic & Rewinding to Past Rewards

Pondathon II is a year-long gardening-themed readathon hosted by The Quiet Pond! Help us restore the forest by reading to earn plants and decorate your own garden. For more information about Pondathon, read our Readathon Information Post or check out our Pondathon II Portal.

The story:

You hear that the rip in space-time is back again.

Once more, the Pond friends stand around the mysterious portal. This time, Sprout joins the friends in their examination of the Pond, their eyes closed and the sprout atop their head bouncing as they commune with the forest.

“Where do you think it came from?” asks Xiaolong.

Sprout opens their eyes, their eyebrows creased. “It’s definitely not invasive. The forest isn’t opposed to it, nor does the portal draw from the forest’s power and life. It may be as Varian say,” says Sprout, who jumps from their stump and nestles on Varian’s head, “it may be just someone’s manifestation of someone’s longing to return to the past.”

The Pond friends are quiet for a moment, as they all ponder this.

“Well!” Xiaolong says, clapping once, a big smile on her face. “And so who are we to deny them that? Let’s help them get what they need!”

A time-magic spell has be cast!

The rip in space-time is back! Remember: magic is give and take, equivalent exchange. So, give this time-spell the magic it needs so it can give back to you.

The spell expires on: 23rd April 2022, 8:00PM NZT. [?]


To complete successfully cast this spell and receive rewards of old, complete the following objective(s):

  • Read a diverse book that is a historical fiction (set in the past) or science-fiction (set in the future or alternative present).
  • This quest is repeatable. (Repeating this quest is optional.)
  • Those who complete the quest may choose their quest reward. However, colours of the reward are random.
  • Bonus: There are no bonus achievements for this quest.
  • Secret Achievement: There are no secret achievements for this quest.

Available Quest Rewards:

*Please note, the end date for this quest is April 23. The banner has a typo.

1. Snowdrop (4 designs, 2 colours available)
2. Turnip (3 designs, 3 colours available)
3. Pumpkin (3 designs, 3 colours available)
4. Table (2 designs, 4 colours available)
5. Blossom tree (3 designs, 3 colours available)

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