[Storytime!] Stella Visits the Poppy Flowers and The Whispering River

stella 1It’s a sunny day and there are no clouds in the sky. You breathe in the fresh air, the strong fragrance of fresh flowers hits you. You look ahead of you and see a small dot growing larger as it gets closer. It’s not quite clear as the heat rippling in the distance causes you to squint your eyes.

The small dot, now a blob is closer to you now. It’s no blob, it’s Stella!

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The Pond News! Issue #2 – Wholesome Books Releasing This Week and Exciting & Diverse Book Announcements!

Text: The Pond Book News. Issue 02: So many books, too little time! Releases, sequels, and featured bloggers.

Welcome to Issue #2!

Hello, Lovelies! After a wonderful adventure I went on to find this week’s book news I found at the Whispering River, I came to tell you of all the amazing book news of the week! Some amazing MG, YA, contemporary and fantasy books were released this week and they sound absolutely amazing. I’m really excited to read them all when I get the chance to and I hope you do too!stella 6

Also, some really great bloggers are featured that you should definitely check out because they’re just as amazing as the content they create!

I hope you enjoy this weeks post as much as I enjoyed working on it with Xiaolong! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Love, Stella ❤

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The Pond News! Issue #1 – So Many Books, Too Little Time! New Releases, New Sequels & Featured Bloggers I Love!

Text: The Pond Book News. Issue 01: So many books, too little time! Releases, sequels, and featured bloggers.

stella 6You’re walking through the forest, the breeze smells like pine trees and daisies. As you keep walking on the winding path, you hear a rustling above you. You look up but can’t seem to see what is making to rustling sound So you carry on walking. You hear the rustling again but do nothing about it this time. Suddenly, Stella pops into your view. She flies right up to you, and gives you a wave. “Hello, friend! It’s so nice to see you again! I was flying to deliver some book news but, I noticed you were walking home already so i came to surprise you! I hope I didn’t scare you! “I’m so excited to tell you what’s happening in the book world this week. There’s so much to tell you! But, first I’d like to tell you about this cool book, Daisy Jones & The Six, that I’m reading about at the moment! It’s about how a band that formed in 1970’s California grew to be a huge success. I’m finding it super interesting and I really like the format that it’s written in! It’s almost like its written like one of those music documentaries about old bands. It’s really fun and the cover is truly gorgeous! Now, on to the book news!

Welcome to Issue #1!

Hi, hi! I’m so excited to announce all the lovely books that have come out this past month as well as some lovely new and diverse books to keep an eye out for! I really loved putting this together and I can’t wait to see which books you guys are excited for, too! Read More »