Meet Stella, Your Newest (and Most Buzzy!) Pond Friend [Introducing Our Second Co-Blogger!]

Text: Meet your newest friend, say hello the pond's second co-blogger! image: a silhouette with a winged insect.

You’re sitting by the Pond, eating fish-flavoured biscuits with Cuddle, Gen, and Varian, when Xiaolong comes barreling through the Pond.

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, poi

“Friends, come quick!” says Xiaolong, beckoning for you all to follow. “She’s here! She’s made it!”

Who’s here, Xiaolong?” you ask, as you get up to follow her. The others look excited; Cuddle runs ahead of Xiaolong and everyone else, Varian stands a little taller and brushes the dirt off their feet, and Gen looks a little shy but eager.

“Our newest friend! Our newest member of the Pond family!”

Friends, I am so happy you are here! It is with excitement and joy that I finally get to introduce to you all my second co-blogger! In March, you all met Cuddle and Joce. Today, you all get to meet the Pond’s newest friend – and you are all going to love her. đź’›

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Meet Cuddle, Your Newest (and Most Cuddly!) Pond Friend [Introducing Our Co-Blogger]

Text: Meet your newest friend: say hello to the pond's new co-blogger. Image: A silhouette of a bipedal animal, with question marks floating around the silhouette.

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, with her hands raised by her mouth like she is shouting.You’re sitting in Gen’s garden, sipping your favourite tea with Varian and Gen, enjoying the peace and quiet and the sight of Gen’s growing vegetables and flowers.

“Friend, friend!”

Xiaolong’s voice punctuates the quiet, and the three of you turn to see her running towards you.

“Friends, our new friend has arrived! They’re here!”

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that I finally get to introduce you to my new co-bloggers! This has been a long time coming and has been in the works for a long time and I am overjoyed that I can finally introduce you all to your newest Pond friend.

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Update on The Pond’s New Friends – We’ve Found Co-Bloggers!

The moment you enter the Pond’s magical boundary, you see Xiaolong hurtling towards you, as fast as her little feet can fly.

“Friend!” she exclaims, coming to a rough stop by your feet. “I have the most amazing news!”

Xiaolong the pink axolotl wearing a purple upside down hat, giving you the thumbs-up.You greet Xiaolong and ask her about her good news. You have become quite acquainted with Xiaolong’s bursts of energy and enthusiasm, but she looks particularly excited today. Now you’re curious!

She gives you a big thumbs-up! “We’ve found new friends to join us at The Quiet Pond!”

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A barrier is stopping you from entering The Pond – what’s going on?! [We’re on mini-hiatus!]

Tonight seems like a good night to be at the Pond.

After all, you’re thinking that you quite miss your little pond friends, and that you really haven’t had a chance to meet the others. (You’ve only really had a chance to meet and talk to Xialong, the Axolotl and Keeper of Magic at the Pond, but you’re keen on meeting Gen and Varian, or possibly Amina, if she’s around!)

You follow the path through the forest, finding the little purple flowers Xiaolong had planted for you to mark the Pond’s entrance, when suddenly —

You walk into … a barrier? It isn’t solid like a glass window and it definitely didn’t hurt when you walked into it. How strange! You put your hand out towards it, and you feel something — soft, silky, and kind of squishy, like you’re pushing against a big invisible pillow.

Before you give walking through the barrier another go, you hear a voice, though it sounds muted and far away.


You look around, confused. It sounded a little bit like Xiaolong! But it’s only you in the forest, it seems, and the little pink axolotl is no where in sight.

“Down here!”

You look down, seeing nothing but forest and greenery, but after concentrating very intently (what was that thing that Xiaolong always said? ‘Search with your heart and not your eyes?’), you see a faint outline of Xiaolong. Only except, she looks a little different. Is she on the other side of the barrier? What’s going on?

“I’m sorry friend, you can’t visit us right now.” You can barely make out her voice, so you crouch down to listen a bit better, as if she is right next to you. “The source of the Pond’s magic has been severed, and everyone here is trying to fix it.” She sounds rather sad, and you can imagine that her bright gills are droopy. “I’m going to miss you friend, but, please come back another time. We’re going to fix the magic as soon as possible!”

Good morning, afternoon, and evening my friends.

We’re on a short hiatus!

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