While the little inhabitants are busy doing their own things, you go a little closer to the pond. The water pulses a purple glow when you approach and you make yourself comfortable by the water’s edge.

And though the pond doesn’t speak, you know: if you want to revisit a memory, you just need to think about the pond friend you want to revisit and the pond’s magic will handle the rest.

Text: BOOK REVIEWS. Xiaolong the pink axolotl, her back facing the viewer, reading a book by pond plants.
Revisit book reviews that Xiaolong has shared with you in the past.
Text: ART GARDEN. Gen the Tortoise Apothecarist, his back facing the viewer by pond plants.
Revisit the art that Gen has shared with you from his garden.
Text: RECOMMENDATIONS. Varian the Toadshifter, their back facing the viewer, sewing by pond plants.
Revisit the book recommendations and costumes that Varian has shared with you.
Text: Discussions. Image: Amina, holding her lute, sitting and facing away from you.
Revisit the discussions you have had with Amina.
Text: the pond gets loud. bao, the corgi, has his back facing you.
Revisit the letters that Bao has received from other book bloggers and has shared with you.
Other features in the Pond: