Gen’s Art Garden

Gen the green, purple-shelled tortoise, smiling and holding pink flowers.Gen the Tortoise Apothecarist is one of the inhabitants at the Pond, and loves to tend to his garden. Though he’s a little shy, he has a big heart and loves sharing his produce with you.

Every time you visit Gen, he might have some produce (art!) that he would like to share with you from his art garden. If you haven’t properly met Gen, you can meet him here, when you first met all the inhabitants.

You’re sitting by the Pond and you are thinking about Gen and your last visit to his art garden. You had forgotten what he had given you in your last visit; perhaps it would be nice to revisit your visit to him again.

You turn to the Pond itself, its water still but alive with magic. You think, I’d like to revisit my memories with Gen. Once again, the water pulses with light and warmth as the Pond’s magic works into you.

Gen the green tortoise, withdrawn into his purple shell, appearing shy, with Xiaolong the pink axolotl,wearing an upside down flower hat, consoling and smiling at Gen.Remember the first time you met Gen? That was on November the 25th 2018! He was so shy to meet you, but he had corgi wallpapers with positive and motivational messages to share with you. You can revisit this memory here.

christmas corgi gen

Remember the time that the Pond’s inhabitants found all those lost corgi puppies in the forest? That was on December 2nd 2018. If you want to some Christmas corgi wallpapers, some corgis are still available for adoption. You can revisit this memory here.