Aunty Buaya Rants: Addressing the ‘Costs of Book Blogging’ “Debate”

rant cost of book blogging aunty buaya

Shortly after I published the third part of the Costs of Book Blogging series, the post received some traction and the posts and their responses circulated around Twitter and Facebook.

My primary goal of my collaborative series is to give book bloggers a voice. I wanted to give book bloggers the opportunity to talk about topics that we don’t often talk about to promote greater transparency, greater awareness and understanding. Ordinarily, I don’t mind at all if people talk about my posts without directly involving me. I don’t mind if people dislike what I have to say or disagree with my opinions. People can say what they want to say; they can think what they want to think.

I acknowledge that the ‘debate’ prompted excellent discussion and encouraged people to reflect on the monetary costs of book blogging for themselves and others. I’ve subsequently read a lot of great and insightful blog posts that responded to the debate, offering their perspective or sharing their own costs of book blogging.

However, the tweets that prompted the ‘debate’ blatantly misconstrued and misrepresented the purpose of the Cost of Book Blogging collaboration series. Many of the responses that followed were ignorant, arrogant, hurtful, and were expressions of unchecked privilege. So today, I’m going to call them out on it. 

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Meet the Pond’s Favourite Aunty [Introducing The Pond’s Newest Character!]

Meet Your Newest Friend: Say Hello to the pond's favourite aunty

You heard that there was some commotion in the Pond recently. Maybe today’s a good day to check up on your friends and see how they are doing.

When you enter the Pond, you notice Xiaolong kneeling by the water and peering into it. You can’t quite hear what she’s saying in the distance, but you can hear that she sounds a little worried, perhaps a little scared. When you approach, you realise that Xiaolong is talking to… a large piece of driftwood? How odd!

An illustration of Xiaolong, by the Pond, with a green prickly 'driftwood' in the water.

“Xiaolong!” you call out, waving to her.

Xiaolong turns to the sound of your voice, and gives you her big goofy smile. “Hi friend!”

But before you can take another step, a sudden explosion from the Pond shatters the quiet.

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