Story Time: Happy Pond-O-Ween!

story time at the quiet pond

It’s the last day of October – and you know what that means? It’s Halloween!

Illustration of pumpkins with kawaii faces carved on it.

You remember Xiaolong telling you to visit the Pond on Halloween in your last visit. You could tell that she was trying really hard not to smile the last time you spoke. Knowing her, she’s probably hiding something, just like the time she and the others pranked you on April Fools.

The Pond feels especially warm and inviting today, the air thick and alive with magic. You can see that your Pond friends have decorated their home with glowing pumpkins with faces carved. Read More »

Book Recommendations: Spooky Reads for Halloween!

Book recommendations with varian: spooky halloween reads. illustration of varian wearing a unicorn costume.

Happy Halloween week, dear friends! Whether you celebrate Halloween or if it’s just another day for you, I think we can all agree that Halloween is the perfect excuse to recommend some spooky books! Now, if you ask Varian ‘trick or treat!’, they will definitely treat you to a book recommendation! Though it isn’t quite Halloween yet (or, Pond-o-ween here at the Pond), Varian thought they would recommend some books for you to read on the day to get you in the spooky spirit.

Varian is wearing their Halloween costume (a unicorn!) a little early, but that’s not why today’s book recommendation post is a little special. In today’s book recommendation post, Varian won’t be recommending books alone. Varian has recruited Sprout and Cuddle to recommend two books for you all to read during Halloween! Read More »