The Pond News! Issue #4 – Food, Dragons, F/F, and Sisters; An Exciting Week of New Books!

Text: The Pond Book News; Issue 04. Food, dragon, f/f, and sisters; an exciting week of new books! Image: An illustration of Xiaolong the pink axolotl, dressed up as Stella the dragonfly behind a booth, holding up a roll of newspaper.

Welcome to Issue #4!

Oh? You walk up to ‘The Pond Book News’ stall, expecting to see your friend Stella the Dragonfly for your weekly update of book news, except… it isn’t Stella! It’s Xiaolong, dressed up as Stella!

Xiaolong the pink axolotl, dressed up as Stella the Dragonfly; wearing a purple newsy cap, dragonfly wings, and holding up a roll of newspaper.“Hello friend!” she greets, handing your roll of book news to you. “Here’s your book news for this week!”

“Where’s Stella?” you ask as you take your weekly copy of The Pond Book News.

“She’s sick,” she says, her gills a little droopy. “She’s been working so hard, so I decided to help her with the book news this week! I bet you almost didn’t recognise me with my amazing dragonfly costume. I guess we’re just such good friends that you knew right away, didn’t you friend?”

Uhhhh. Yes Xiaolong. That’s the reason why.

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