Story-Time: Our Second Pond-mas with the Pond Friends!

Story Time at the Quiet Pond. All the Pond friends gathered around, with a Christmas tree in the background.

Today’s the day! Today is Pond-mas!

The Pond looks festive today. Every single plant and rock in the Pond have been decorated with tinsel and magical sparkling lights. You can hear the faint sound of jingling bells and Bao the corgi howling along to a song.

Xiaolong the axolotl waving excitedly to you“Friend!”

By the water, Xiaolong is jumping up and down, calling you to come over. The Pond friends are crowded around in a tight circle by the water. When all of them see you – Gen, Varian, Cuddle, and Sprout – they join Xiaolong in waving you over as well. They look so excited to see you!

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