The Pond Gets Loud

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bao 2The Pond Gets Loud is a collection of collaborative series where The Quiet Pond invites book bloggers to talk about a particular topic and share their unique experiences. Bao, the Pond’s resident corgi, loves collecting different responses to promote awareness, transparency, and greater understanding among the community.

If you are interested in participating in The Pond Gets Loud, keep an eye out on CW’s Twitter (@artfromafriend); every few months, she will invite book bloggers to participate.

Balancing Book Blogging and Life

1 baoIn this collab, The Quiet Pond invited book bloggers to talk about how they balance book blogging and life. This collab series was aimed to highlight the extraordinary work that book bloggers do and also the labour that goes into book blogging. Read this collab series and read the collab’s summary post.

The Costs of Book Blogging

2 baoThe Quiet Pond invited book bloggers to talk about the monetary costs of book blogging. In particular, the book bloggers talked about how much it costs to run a blog, the money they pay for buying books, and running their bookish platforms. Read this collab series and read the collab’s summary post.

Experiences of an International Book Blogger

Coming November 2019.